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We asked our some of our clients about their 360ºWorkForce experience.
Here's what they had to say.



360°WorkForce: The Client Perspective


by Teri Aulph


360°WorkForce is the newest and most innovative service provided by the creative minds of Jeff Garber, CEO, and Dan Fedrizzi, COO.  In an era plagued with a volatile job market and constantly evolving landscape, 360°WorkForce is delivering what employers everywhere didn’t know they couldn’t live without.


As a client of 360°WorkForce, Cathy Avallone, Vice-President of Human Resources for hhgregg was kind enough to allow me to interview her regarding her experience with this exciting new product.

Q.  Cathy, how would you compare your experience with 360°WF to more traditional recruiting methods?

A. Like many companies working with very lean HR staffs, I don’t have a designated recruiter.  The people on my staff wear many hats and have more than they can get done in a day.  Once we were assigned an HR professional that met our needs, the process was very smooth.  We did not incur the typical costs that traditional recruiters charge and had all the information on our designated portal of the 360 website available 24/7.

Q.  What were the biggest challenges and what were the biggest advantages?

A. We are a unique retailer with very specific needs. Probably, the biggest challenge was getting on the same page regarding what we were actually looking for.  We are opening several new stores in new geographic regions, so this was a learning experience for all of us.  Once we were able to articulate what we wanted and our HR partner understood the criteria, it was like having an extension of the team, as opposed to just a vendor. I suppose that is the biggest advantage, along with being able to actually view a recorded screening interview.  So many times you bring people in having not met them and it is a total waste of time. That would not happen with this process.

Q.  As a service provider, was there transparency throughout the staffing process?

A. From the client side, I was able to log-in, review any or all resumes that were submitted, review notes and recommend who I wanted to be interviewed via a recorded Skype interview.  I was notified when the recorded screening interviews were available and was able to watch a 30 minute screening interview, which was very valuable.  Our HR resource also provided great notes and things she saw that were valuable to determining who to bring in for a face-to-face interview.

Q.  Did you find the quality of the candidates met your requirements?

A. Of the 5 we brought in for face-to-face interviews, 3 were made offers.

Q.  Would you recommend 360°WorkForce to other companies?

A. Yes, I would recommend 360°WF to other companies.  It is a great concept. I think it is especially beneficial when you are working with fewer resources than you need internally.  I loved being able to view the recorded screening interviews, which is a huge advantage.  I can’t stress enough the value and importance of the relationship between the employer and the HR resource.  I believe it is a cost effective way to enhance your staffing process.

So, there you have it – straight from the client.





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