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  5 Ways to Kill an Interview


At 360º, we’ve seen it all.

Oh, by the way there is good news -- we’re here for you with solid constructive coaching. So read this article, get the obvious mistakes out of your system and out of the way and start focusing on learning to give the best interview of your career – with the help of 360º ! Of course!





Show up late.

If you’re looking to end your interview before it begins – show up late.


WHAT TO DO: Be sure to give yourself more than enough time to get to your destination. So if the train is late, you can’t find a cab or the tire goes flat, you still have time to arrive, gather your thoughts and make a great impression. Be sure to bring along all the contact numbers for the person you’re interviewing with – including their assistant’s extension, if they have one. Stuff happens. And if the flat tire – or whatever – is going to make you late even with the extra time you’ve built in, call them and make sure they can still see you and explain your circumstances.


Remember, it’s better to arrive very early, grab a coffee nearby and show up cool, calm and collected.




Arrive unprepared.

There are some questions you know a potential employer is likely to ask: “Why do you want to work for this company?” “What do you know about this company?” “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” If you don’t want the answer to the last question to be “the unemployment line,” then be prepared.


Today, it’s easier than ever to get information about most companies. Search online, read and absorb the company history and structure – including locations, employees, client base and locations. Be sure to read and reread the mission statement, which is available on most company websites. In fact, everything about a company’s public “face” or image and positioning will likely be found on their website. So start there, dig a little deeper and show up well versed in their world.


And where do you see yourself in 5 years? Spend time thinking about how you can contribute and grow with the company. Having that answer at the ready as part of your long-term plan will go a long way to help the potential employer envision you with the company. works with you to structure solid responses that tie directly into your experience. By highlighting aspects of your resume that relate to the job, you make a compelling link that will move you to the top of the list.




Failure to communicate.


While preparation is important, not being able to articulate effectively will trump all your prep. Be confident and engaging. Make eye contact. Listen carefully to the questions being asked and answer in clear, succinct language. Answer any questions thoroughly, but don’t go on and on – talking too much, or too little, will be an immediate turn-off to any interviewer. This takes practice – but, hey, you came to for a reason! Helping you formulate and articulate solid interview questions is part of what our interview mavens can help you with!




Wear a pink boa.

Unless you’re interviewing for a costume shop, then keep the boa at home and dress appropriately. Most business attire is obvious – but if you aren’t sure, stop by the place and watch as people go in and out. This does not constitute stalking – you’re observing and looking to see what folks are wearing. It’s always better to be a bit overdressed as a rule. But most important of all, be neat and clean and tucked in. And if there is even a chance of rain, grab the umbrella. Dripping hair and clothing tends to put a damper on things – pun intended!




Badmouth or gossip about your last employer.

Who would do that? You’d be surprised! Sometimes a simple question like “Why did you leave your last job?” can be an open invitation for a rant on the last “jerk” you worked for. Resist the urge. It’s unprofessional, often comes across as pandering to the new employer -- and hey, what’s to keep you from dishing about them? And it’s a very, very small world. You never know whom your interviewer knows, and sour grapes, juicy gossip or harsh criticism has a way of winding its way back to the subject – and reflecting on you. Stuff happens, jobs sometimes aren’t good fits, or more likely, the company was downsizing – there are many better ways to explain leaving a job without blasting former coworkers. Hold your head high, be professional and bring your answer.



You’ve probably thought of your own ways to kill an interview. Whether you’re just out of school searching for your first career-building job, or find yourself on the market after years on the job, can help. Find out more and be on your way to getting noticed and getting hired today!



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