Data Privacy Day: How Will You Protect Your Online Reputation?

Published on 03 February 2010 by MrsCohen in News


 Data Privacy Day: How Will You Protect Your Online Reputation?Job applicants beware! Recent studies show that at least 70% of hiring managers in the United States have rejected job applicants due to online profile information. This past Thursday, January 28, marked the 4th annual Data Privacy Day. Data Privacy Day, initiated by Microsoft, puts into perspective just how much of our private lives we expose via social networks, microblogging, photo sharing etc.

A simple entry of the applicants name into a search engine can result in loads of personal information which, while not professionally relevant, can have damaging effects. We can debate that our personal and professional lives should remain completely segregated; however, research proves that personal relationships do affect our professional potentials.

Fear not. Online reputation can be repaired and maintained if proactively managed. Microsoft suggests that rather than simply removing past — or omitting future — negative information, we utilize our online profiles as a tool to build the image we would want an employer to find.

install Data Privacy Day: How Will You Protect Your Online Reputation? suggests a number of ways to build your online reputation. For instance, social networks such as Facebook are great places to start because they’re anchored to your real identity. Just be sure to adjust your privacy settings. Additionally, create a profile on LinkedIn, a more professional social networking site where you can connect your profile to coworkers. An employer will be able to get a better sense of who you are, and where you have been. It also allows you to discover new opportunities. Lastly, create a Google public profile. Since Google is the most popular search engine, it’s a good idea to create a profile page. Your Google profile can also be linked to your Facebook and LinkedIn.

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  3. Jamie Mack says:

    I just wanted to say that this was a great article, and very eye opening. It’s really got me thinking about how I seem to others online.

  4. MrsCohen says:

    Jamie Mack – Thank you! I’m glad you found it helpful. Good luck with maintaining the online reputation that you want!

  5. esther says:

    MrsCohen, my mom would be thrilled to read this. She always found the influx of private information on the web to be potentially damaging and this article definitely verified that. Definitely something to look out for!

  6. MrsCohen says:

    Esther – Come to think of it my mom too! My mother was horrified by the advent of Facebook… Thanks for pointing out!