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Published on 10 February 2010 by MrsCohen in Career Building


If your job involves constant interaction with other people, it’s a good idea to ensure your presentation and physical appearance are up to par.  This is particularly obvious in a public career where the individual is under the constant scrutiny of the media.  Believe it or not, the same thing applies to your life too, albeit on a more subtle level.dress4success1 Dress For Success

Many companies already have a dress code in place, even for jobs that require no interaction with clients.  Nonetheless, statistics show 41% of employers say that workers who dress better, or more professionally, tend to land more promotions than others in their organization.  Reason being, it helps project a more dedicated image to your boss and co-workers.

Dressing professionally can be a challenge. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Make sure your closet is stocked with versatile basics:  black pants; dark suits; a number of button-down collared shirts; dark shoes.
  • You can build on from there by adding some conservative sweaters or vests.
  • If you want to add color, a nice tie or silk scarf can look great, and still maintain your professional goal.
  • Be careful not to overdo your accessories and jewelry to avoid looking busy.  It can be very distracting.
  • Avoid a sloppy appearance by ironing your clothing and tucking in your shirts.
  • Ensure that your clothing is clean and in good condition.  Stains are a major deterrent.
  • Avoid clothing that’s too tight, or cut-off tees.

Aside from dress, your physical appearance and health are important too.  A person who is healthy and exercises regularly displays more energy.  This is especially appealing to an employer because it shows you are able and willing to use your energies for the benefit and development of the company.

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  3. esther says:

    Thanks for the tips- dressing professionally is one of the challenges I found when transitioning into the work world. Limited accessories, neutral colors, etc, are all great ways to start!

  4. MrsCohen says:

    Thanks Esther – seems like you’ve nailed it!