Do You Need a College Degree? Part 2

Published on 19 February 2010 by Jamie Mack in Job Search Iqoption cn Iqoption 在中国

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Last time we discussed the necessity – or lack thereof -  in getting a college degree and this time I thought we might take a look at a few career fields that do not require one.  There are career choices out there that fit the bill, but according to this article in Forbes there aren’t many compared to the degree-required type.

Stress is a common thread running among many of these career choices and 50-60 hour work weeks are also common.  To reach top earner status in many of these fields you’ll probably have to get several years of experience under your belt, but fear not – it can be done.

To whet your appetite, here’s a list of just a few jobs listed in an article featured on Careerbuilder:

  • Real Estate Broker
  • Fashion Designer
  • Plumber
  • Radiation Therapist
  • Court Reporter
  • Funeral Director
  • Industrial Production Manager
  • Computer Specialist

It goes without saying that many of these careers require some form of certification or licensing, as in the case of real estate broker, and/or some form of apprenticeship as perhaps with plumbers.  You’ll also find careers like construction manager that previously have relied solely on experience that are now being offered as full-fledged degree programs in many universities now.

It should also be noted, as it states in the Forbes article that many of the top earners (e.g. over $100, 000) will predominantly be degree-holders regardless. However, many of these career choices offer ways for one to get a foot in the door  so to speak, and work up to the level you desire where the only limitation is your level of commitment.  Most larger companies today also have tuition assistance programs for their employees who wish to further their education in their chosen fields and will cover most(in some few cases, all) education expenses involved.

In the end it seems that the answer to our original question – whether you really need a college degree – would be “not necessarily.”  It all depends on which direction you want to go and determining how best to get there.  If that involves the hallowed halls of higher education then so be it, but it’s certainly not a deal-breaker in today’s world.

What about you and your career?  Was it necessary for you chosen field, or did you decide college wasn’t for you?  Did you forge your own path? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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