Don’t Forget to Say Thank You

Published on 14 February 2010 by Jamie Mack in Interviewing


Like cover letters, thank you notes are another often overlooked aspect of an effective job search. According to 15-Minute Cover Letter, an incredibly handy little book by Michael Farr and Louise Kurskmark, follow-up thank you notes can fill several roles and set you apart from the pack.

iStock 000001185173XSmall Dont Forget to Say Thank YouThank you notes provide a perfect opportunity to follow up on subjects that came up in the interview that you may not have answered as thoroughly as you could have, or were perhaps hampered from answering thoroughly by time limits.  A good thank you note can create a positive impression and demonstrate your follow-up skills as well as your good manners.  Also, a note my help to keep your name in the employers consciousness, which is a good thing in this tight economy and tough job market.  If you can keep your name fresh in the mind of the hiring manager it just might help to return your resume to the top of pile!

Thank you notes aren’t just for post-interviews anymore; on the networking side don’t forget to send a little note of thanks to anyone and everyone who has aided you in your search.  You may have made a new contact through a friend which led to a job lead, or perhaps someone in your network gave you a referral – you should thank them.  Once again it’s not only good manners, but in this case it could  do wonders in your future networking game.

One can send thank you notes via snail mail and/or email, but don’t let the informal manner of email lull you into sloppiness and complacency: be professional.  Still, keep the note slightly informal and friendly, like having a conversation with a professional colleague—which is exactly what it is.  If you send a thank you through snail mail, be sure to use high-quality paper and envelopes – much the same as your resumes and cover letters.  Neatness counts – unless your handwriting is excellent, consider typing out the note.  If you go the route of typing out the note, be sure to sign it and perhaps add an extra personal little touch to your correspondence.

So remember to say thank you: like so much of the job search and interviewing process, it’s all about making the best impression you can!

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