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Published on 28 April 2010 by Teri Aulph in News


banner 360ji 300x90 Tomorrows HR Solutions TodayThere is a new web-based service that is quickly shifting the way we think about and approach staffing. In one fell swoop, the process is streamlined, efficient, effective and raising the bar regarding quality. This new product is the perfect mix of current technology and process efficiency leveraging the best of both. This is

In a world of constant shifting and re-invention, there are many tools that come and go. What was ‘hot’ twelve months ago is likely to have been replaced by the next generation and the third generation is well on its way. Rarely does something come along that is so unique and innovative, that you know it is going to change the way we work. The launch of 360 Workforce is going to revolutionize the staffing industry.

With talent acquisition fast becoming one of the primary focuses of businesses, large and small, there is a significant opportunity to innovate in such a way that the impact will be beyond our current line of sight. Staffing is an area that still maneuvers in much the way it always has…and not because it is without areas for improvement.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be involved with 360 WorkForce during beta testing. I sat in the provider seat and experienced first-hand how the product works and what it has to offer. As an HR professional with over fifteen years experience managing staffing for global companies, this tool would not only have revolutionized the way we executed our staffing process, but would have saved us thousands of dollars per hire without compromising quality.

Imagine that you have an exclusive portal into a website designed to meet your staffing needs. Each candidate that applies arrives electronically into the portal and automatically becomes a part of the process. The service provider and the client document each touch point on the candidate with easy access for notes. You, as the client, have complete access to every step along the way and have the ability to move the process along at the pace you desire with access 24 hours per day.

The 360WF provider assigned to you is a seasoned HR professional with expertise and experience in your industry. This top-notch resource is screening your resumes, making comments for you to review and is at your fingertips for assistance. You have the option to get acquainted with your assigned 360WF staffing resource and your personal 360WF professional WANTs to understand what you want and what you don’t.

Once you determine which candidates are worthy of a screening interview, your 360WF staffing resource will facilitate a recorded video interview. This recorded interview is then uploaded into your portal for you to review at your convenience. You now have the ability to determine whom to bring in for face-to-face, possibly final, interviews at the click of a button.

The value and quality of recorded video interviews will provide in-depth information about candidates – how they present, if they are prepared, what motivates them, are they a strong fit, etc. What does this mean to you? You have a credible HR professional handling your staffing process. There is complete transparency regarding all documentation as the candidates move through the process. You will never, again, have to spend thousands of dollars bringing candidates in-house for face-to-face interviews without actually ‘seeing’ them in a screening interview. This will shorten your time-to-fill, decrease your cost-per-hire and allow you to reallocate the members of your staff who are dedicated to the staffing process. In a time when everyone is doing more with less, this is your opportunity to use them in areas where you need them more.

From first-hand experience, I was the staffing source for the beta testing and I was astounded at how easy the process was to use. The open position was a high-level management position, critical to the business. 360WF worked closely with the client to understand the needs and desires in order to get the best possible result.

The end results? 75% success rate for candidates submitted. Time-to-fill less than 45 days. Best-in-class metrics and a delighted client. This is the future.

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