Who’s Been Hit the Hardest??

Published on 02 June 2010 by Kelly Riggs in Job Search


210643 med 300x193 Whos Been Hit the Hardest??“Unemployment: Who’s been hit the hardest?”

Actually this is an easy question with a very easy answer. The unemployed. Yup, that’s who’s been hit the hardest by unemployment. Loss of income. Healthcare benefits at risk. Lifestyle changes. Sleepless nights. You get the idea; you’ve probably been there.

Yeah, I know, that’s not what the article is investigating – what the writer means is which group of people is more unemployed than the rest of us. Question: Do you think those that are unemployed care which “group” has the highest unemployment rate? Is this the state of our country that we have to compare misery? Or make sure it’s spread around equally? (Actually….ummm…yes, I guess it is.)

So let me give you the real answer to our question. Again, it’s very easy…it’s teenagers. Yessir, teenagers are suffering through an unemployment epidemic – 26.9 percent of Americans age 16-19 are unemployed (as of March 2010). How can that be fair?? OK, on the serious side, why in the world are unemployment figures for teens reported? Are they heads of households? Are they primary breadwinners? Seriously?

No, the REAL, real answer to who has been hit the hardest by the rise in unemployment is:

By Race – African Americans (15.8% unemployment)
By Gender – Men (10% unemployment)

The only “winners” at this point appear to be Caucasian women over 20 years old – only 7.4 percent are unemployed. Those who are the worst off appear to be African-American males over 20 years old – 16.2 percent are unemployed. And on and on the list goes – identifying group after group with their “standing” in the unemployment line. Feeling any better now that you know? Probably not – unless, of course, you’re a white woman over twenty.

On the other hand, there is one group you really SHOULD know about. As it turns out, workers with a Bachelor’s degree have an unemployment rate of only 5 percent. Those with only a high school diploma, on the other hand, have an unemployment rate of 11.5 percent – over twice as high. If you haven’t graduated high school, close to one-in-five of you are looking for a job (17.9 percent unemployed).

The real lesson here is simple. If you are lucky enough to have a job, get off the couch. Ditch the Wii or the XBox. Cancel your Blockbuster account. Find a way – any way – to get that college degree. Finding employment is more and more competitive every day, but if you can double your chances of finding a quality job by getting a college education, you should strongly consider making that happen.

Yeah, I hear you screaming at your computer. “A college education? I don’t have that kind of money!!!” Hey, I get it. So, if you need something or someone to blame, that’s probably a good place to start. On the other hand, there are loads of examples of people who got their degrees when others said it couldn’t be done. Try this story. Or this one.

Maybe – just maybe – you could do the same.

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