Job Interview Tips: Focus on Hiring Manager’s Objectives

Published on 28 March 2011 by 360JobInterview in Interviewing


Focus On Their Objectives: Make note of specific job requirements both before and during the interview.  Then use story telling to relate specific accomplishments, including results, that testify to the fact that you have the skill, knowledge, experience, and character needed.  You can also use demonstrated behaviors, such as going the extra mile, change agent, etc. based on performance and results from past assignments.

Also, early in the interview, especially if the type of person they are looking for is not clear, ask what kind of an individual they desire for the job.  Now you are armed with specifics about the candidate they are looking for and should take every advantage of emphasizing your proven qualities against those requirements using examples from your past career.  Remember, sometimes it’s easy to forget the purpose of the interview given the dynamics of the interaction.   Stick with their objectives and your achievements and communicate that you are the most qualified candidate for the job.

This tip was provided by James Simak, a coach here at with over 20 years experience as a recruiter and hiring manager.  Find out more about James and schedule an appointment with him on his Coach’s Profile.

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